Elite Real Estate Services

Yiasas Home offers exclusive real estate sales and investment opportunities. 

As a groundbreaking full-service real estate company, we also provide services to build and renovate properties from start to finish. 

In other words

We put together teams of high-quality people to make real estate dreams happen.  

Our Services

Amazing Homes

Have you ever wanted a home that feels like you are always on vacation? Somewhere so beautiful and fulfilling that the world melts away the moment you arrive? We can introduce you to a place to rest your soul. 


There are many places to make money in the real estate market, and the returns can be high with a relatively low amount of risk. See what options we offer to effortlessly invest your money.


Part of what makes our company unique is that we have our own construction firm. While we specialize in local renovations for flipping properties, our global partners can also build homes from start to finish.